Notice: Email is NOT Dead. Most People Are Just Doing it Wrong.
FREE LIVE MASTERCLASS taught by Email Marketing Insider Marc Goldman who swears under oath that "All results are 100% legal!"
You Can Extract More Profits From Your List in 72 Hours or Less
* Limited space is available for each LIVE Masterclass (max. 500 spots) *

Thursday, Sept 8th

@ 2:00PM EST, 11:00AM PST
During this FREE Training, you will learn the email secrets to Extract More Profits from your list in 72 Hours or Less. 
These tips, developed throughout my 20-year career in email marketing, have helped numerous clients earn a 3:1 ROI (or more). These same secrets can help you too!
  •  Don't have products to sell? No problem, I'll show you how to make money even if you have no products of your own (and this isn't the typical affiliate drivel you've heard before... in fact, it has nothing to do with selling affiliate products at all!)
  •  List unresponsive? No problem, I'll show you how to double, triple and even 10x your list clicks and response (this "secret" is something usually reserved for the "big dog" marketers!)
  •  Have a tiny list? Well, sometimes size DOES matter - and, when you join me for the free training, I'll show you how to grow your list to guru-like proportions (hint: it's way easier than you think, and doesn't involve magnets or tripwires or other nonsense!)
  •  Want your emails in their inbox? OK, that sounded a little dirty - but, all kidding aside, if your emails typically land in the junk/spam/promotions box, did you know there are usually 3 main reasons why? I'll show you how to get in the inbox where it counts - even with "salesy" promotional emails!
  •  All this, and MUCH more! But you gotta be there. No replay is planned.
This FREE Masterclass is for ANYONE who wants to make more money with email.
I will show you how to make money with email marketing even if you have no products to sell and suck at writing email copy, so you can give yourself the time, freedom and quality of life you deserve.

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